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Build your Confidence
Feel Clear, Calm and In Control
Secure Promotion & Recognition

Dissolve Imposter Syndrome
Recover your Sleep and Energy
Remove your Risk of Burnout

Do you thrive as a leader?

Or do you struggle with stress, overwhelm, or self-doubt?

I am an award-winning Leadership Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I help real, packed-with-promise professionals like you, to realise your value finally and fully – so that you can THRIVE as a leader at work and in life

You know the saying ‘hire someone smarter than you’? This is the same, only this time the investment is in you: it’s to directly support you to be your best self and move to the next level.

What would this look like for you? Is it about achieving a promotion and a better balance in work and life? Are strong confidence, resilience, energy and fulfilment critical too? Afterall:

Resilience results in greater career satisfaction, higher self-esteem and better health1.

Happy people earn more and perform better than their less happy peers2.

Self-esteem has a significant impact on our job satisfaction and success3.

Higher confidence correlates with higher pay, even from the outset of a career4.


For over a decade I have supported heart-centred, inspirational professionals like you to optimise both their mindset and skills set, in order to achieve the step-change in their career and quality of life they are seeking. It’d be a pleasure to support you to achieve your potential too.

I know you can thrive as a leader.

There are times in every career and lifetime when we feel poised on a threshold. Sometimes, we can doubt whether we’re cut out for the next stage after all and can’t see a way forward. But remember, when we are out of our comfort zone, it is natural to feel challenged; when we are driven, it is natural to not meet all our high standards; and when the rules of the game change, we are right to recognise we need to adapt and find a new way of playing. Remember others believe in you; it’s time for you to believe in you too.

Amy 3

I can help you:

  • Find your compelling purpose and vision.
  • Master your mindset.
  • Upgrade your skills.
  • Take control of your environment, and
  • Plot a crystal-clear plan of exactly what you will do and when to make your goals a reality.

It’s time for you to deliver you the results you deserve and deep down know you are capable of.

Book a free Game Plan Session with me today.

“Amy is highly energetic, super focused, able to get me thinking in a completely new way (which is hard!), and with infectious laughter…. I highly recommend Amy, especially to entrepreneurial leaders who want to achieve their full potential.”

From the moment I met Amy I knew this was exactly the kind of person I wanted to work with as my coach: highly energetic, super focused, able to get me thinking in a completely new way (which is hard!), and with infectious laughter. Each one of her coaching sessions has brought major improvements to my professional and personal life and enabled me to achieve so much more than I would have otherwise. Amy has equipped me with tools and techniques, which I am still using, even after we completed our series of coaching sessions. I highly recommend Amy, especially to entrepreneurial leaders who want to achieve their full potential.


Director of Innovation Programmes, Plexal

Amy is a firecracker. Her understanding of brain chemistry and her ability to demystify and untangle your personal struggles and turn them around to reflect positive attributes is unique. I’ve only ever heard good things about Amy and she’s worked with many significant individuals in the Bristol start-up world (and wider). She actively allowed me to change my perspective on myriad things for transformative benefit.


SETsquared Bristol

Amy is a brilliant life mentor. A blast of wisdom, insight and inspiration in a frenzied world. She’s helped me to calm the chaos and anxiety and rediscover what matters when the dust settles. Her practical, positive and effective strategies have set me on the path to a less stressed, more meaningful and altogether more joyful life. Transformative and a great pleasure to work with!


TMT lawyer and legal consultant to Google

Cardiff Business School - Cardiff University
Government Digital Service
University of Bristol
  1. Srivastava, S., & Madan, P. (2020). The relationship between resilience and career satisfaction: Trust, political skills and organizational identification as moderators. Australian Journal of Career Development29(1), 44–53. https://doi.org/10.1177/1038416219886317
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