Career Clarity Coaching

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”

– Rumi

As we move through life, what we seek from work can change. At times our priorities may be job security and financial stability, and anything more is a bonus. However, for most of us, it is when we derive meaning and purpose from our work that we feel fulfilled, happy, and able to do our best work. That sinking Sunday-evening feeling before the start of the working week is banished to the past.

“How can I find a job I love?”

This is the question most of my career coaching clients come to me with. They’re often scared to even dare hope there is such an opportunity for them. They feel stuck and trapped, but they don’t know how to move forward – or where to even start.

Hypnotherapy for stress

My Career Clarity coaching framework can help you. I will start with helping you to get clear of exactly what lights you up. What are your Signature Strengths – your character strengths and core business skillset? What are your Career Drivers – your priorities for work? How important are relationships, influence, autonomy, security, material rewards, creativity, or status for you? We will explore what you would love to do / be / have ultimately in three, five, ten years’ time?

Understanding what type of job in what field of work you are looking for is the first step. Then, I will support you to maintain your focus, self-belief, and momentum through research and networking, to applications and interviews.

How can I help?

I will give you structure and a proven-approach to helping you find a job which you love.  You will gain:

1. Vision and Direction:

Where do you want to go? Who do you want to arrive as?

2. A Strategised Action Plan.

You will be crystal clear about what to do each day to help you move forwards. Your coaching sessions will save you a huge amount of time spent so easily on worrying about what to do next, and instead help you make clear, measurable progress.

3. Mindset Strength.

I can help you build your confidence, and overcome stress, overwhelm and self-doubt, drawing on my deep experience as a clinical hypnotherapist as well as a leadership coach. Where will our focus be for you to achieve positive, lasting change?

4. Skills Upgrade to enable you to deliver on your goals:

Together we’ll build you a professional development plan, identifying your three priority skills to grow over the next twelve months. This can be informed by my THRIVE 360˚ feedback process; a profile of your leadership strengths; and if relevant, evaluation against the 30 competencies identified as critical for CEOs.

I can include interview preparation in your coaching programme too, to strengthen your ability to articulate and evidence your skills and experience with impact and presence at interview. In addition, professional skills courses are available, shaped by over a decade of experience training MBA students, leaders, managers and university students. What will your priority areas be?

  • Professional Presenting
  • Impact and Presence for meetings online and face to face
  • Line Management
  • Navigating conflict and difficult conversations
  • Accountability and performance management
  • Time management and productivity

Do get in touch. It is time to fulfil your potential and thrive in your career at last.

    “Amy has helped me to step back, and really focus on what’s important. Helping me to clarify my goals, and focus on those things, positively and with impact. The time I’ve spent with Amy has kept me focussed, encouraged me to keep going when some weeks I really didn’t want to, and to achieve more clarity and results then I expected; going where I want to, quicker, while at the same time realise how far I’ve come and how much I’ve achieved.”


    Programme Manager, People and Strategy Specialist

    “At a moment of low personal confidence and inability to see the way forward, Amy sensitively and supportively provided a new direction and energy to my professional life. The benefits of working with Amy were instant and long lasting.”


    Assistant Headteacher

    “I was really impressed with how quickly Amy was able to ‘get up to speed’ on where I was and my career direction. Getting an outside perspective on my own skills, fears and ambitions and then fashioning these into an action plan meant I got demonstrable value and direction from the sessions. Beyond her coaching expertise, Amy’s own successful career meant she was able to offer useful advice and experience from a number of perspectives. On top of all that, Amy is a lovely, engaging and warm person, so that helps make the whole process easier!”


    Start Up Founder and Director

    How can I help you today?

    Call or text me direct on 07557 911 606 or email

    Alternatively fill in a contact form here or book a free Game Plan Call here.

    I see clients online, usually via Zoom. For an additional fee, I am delighted to work with clients face to face in a quiet, stylish central Bristol or London location.


    Free, no-obligation, one-hour Game Plan Call.

    Three-month coaching programmes are priced according to your needs, frequency of sessions, and coaching goals. Fees typically begin at £1,897 for large corporates and £1,197 for individuals and small businesses.