Dissolve Imposter Syndrome: build your confidence

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time.”

– Anna Freud, psychoanalyst and youngest daughter of Sigmund Freud

It is very natural for confidence to be a challenge at certain points in life, particularly when you’re facing change or learning a new role. For some of us it can feel a constant issue, with self-doubt relentlessly snapping at our heels, tripping us up and holding us back.

Hypnotherapy for stress

Often lack of self-belief shows up as Imposter Syndrome – that feeling of being a fraud, about to be found out. Clients regularly cite Imposter Syndrome as a challenge when I first meet with them.

Imposter syndrome is experienced most often by high achievers, who relentlessly ask more of themselves, often finding it hard to say no, setting unsustainably high standards for themselves, struggling to delegate, and frequently feeling crippled by a fear of failure.

The good news is that there is a way through. It is possible to build instinctive confidence, to learn to trust yourself, recognise your strengths, and recover your self-belief.


How I can help

I will train you to develop new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. You will learn to identify with your Signature Character Strengths, connect to your achievements, and genuinely believe in yourself.

If you are feeling vulnerable, I will draw on my deep experience as a clinical hypnotherapist as well as a business coach. I can help you ease anxiety and overwhelm, build you confidence, strengthen your resilience, and help you avoid burnout.

My goal for you is to have the career and life you deserve and aspire to.

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“I came to Amy with feelings of self-doubt, lacking in confidence and a general feeling of anxiety about my abilities as a Director. I was suffering from the classic “Imposter Syndrome”. Throughout my time with Amy, she has made me realise that leadership comes in all sorts of packages and through a process of discussion, inner-reflection, self-exploration and learning, she has enabled me to see excellence and strength in myself as a leader. I would always leave our discussions with a sense of purpose, feeling reinvigorated and refocused, ready to face the next challenge, but more importantly I would feel happy. Amy helped me to find contentment in my life again.”



“I am so grateful for the time that I have with Amy, she has helped me to navigate an extremely difficult return to work after maternity leave and be able to understand my strengths, feel confident, and seek opportunities where previously I had only seen threats. I now feel empowered and confident to approach situations that would have previously created a lot of stress and anxiety. I feel that I’m growing and developing my strengths, career and skills at a faster rate than ever before.

The most valuable outcome of working with Amy is the transformation of relationships in my personal life. This has had a hugely positive impact on my life, it has been incredible. I wish I had met Amy years ago!”


Programme Director

“The sessions I have had with Amy have been invaluable in helping me through a situation that was dangerously close to overwhelming me. She has also helped me combat my biggest fear of public speaking, a phobia that was really starting to impede on my career development. The techniques and understanding I have developed have made the past few months of my life a breeze and equipped me with techniques I am certain I can rely on for the rest of my life and apply to any future situation.”



How can I help you today?

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I see clients online, usually via Zoom. For an additional fee, I am delighted to work with clients face to face in a quiet, stylish central Bristol or London location.


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