Leadership Coaching

“True leadership stems from individuality that is honestly and sometimes imperfectly expressed… Leaders should strive for authenticity over perfection.”

– Sheryl Sandberg

Leadership comes in all shapes and forms. What does it mean to you? Where do you plan to go? Who do you hope to arrive as?

I have a clear framework for success that enables you to connect to and develop your authentic leadership style. It is focused around the four drivers of success: Impact, Connection, Organisation, and Growth, underpinned by the THRIVE mindset principles.

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We will work together to understand your strengths in each area and where to target your focus to deliver you optimum results and achieve positive lasting change.

If appropriate, we will use the THRIVE 360˚ insight process to give you positive, pragmatic feedback from your colleagues to help you further sharpen your understanding of your priority areas of focus.


My four step process for Rapid Results Coaching will support you to:


Clarify your vision and direction


Strategise your actions


Upgrade your skills


Master your mindset

You will be clear about exactly what to do, when, and in what order. You will learn to design your environment and manage your mind so that instinctively you are able to think clearly, make decisions, and feel confident, clear and in control: all set to achieve your goals and make your vision a reality.

Amy has a talent which I rarely encounter in business, a feminine strength which is pragmatic and compassionate. She has extensive knowledge of the way the business world works and a vision for enabling a new breed of leaders to shine. For this reason I have been incredibly fortunate to have Amy as a leadership coach, she has helped me to grow in confidence, particularly when managing a multidisciplinary team with a wide variation of personalities and experience; and she has given me tools to use when faced with many potentially daunting situations in business.

Our coaching sessions over the last 6 months have enabled me to know where to put trust in the people around me, allowing me to lose a fear of vulnerability, instead recognising how my strengths balance with the strengths of others and how to ask for help. Now I know how to move through those more lonely times and to celebrate the good times. Amy’s insight and endeavour in our sessions has changed my life for the better.



“Amy may have a gentle touch, but she has helped me get a firm grip on things…. I can’t recommend Amy highly enough!”

I’d not paid attention to the increasing levels of stress and overwhelm that I was feeling, yet was aware that I wasn’t able to bring the strategic focus to my business that was needed.

Then I met Amy and immediately realised that there was a healthy connection and understanding of where I was at. Amy was relentless in her questioning and follow-up in the gentlest possible way. Her ability to get away with the tough questions and pursue them to their healthy resolution is rooted in the trust she builds up. She may have a gentle touch but helped me to get a firm grip on things…

Can’t recommend Amy highly enough!


Managing Director

“Amy is my secret weapon.”

I came to Amy in a mess. I was in a high profile new job. I wasn’t sleeping and was really struggling with my health. With Amy’s help I regained my clarity and confidence, ditched the pills, and took the projects and company by storm. I have never looked back. Amy is my secret weapon.


Financial Controller

How can I help you today?

Call or text me direct on 07557 911 606 or email amy@amyarmstrongcoaching.com.

Alternatively fill in a contact form here or book a free Game Plan Call here.

I see clients online, usually via Zoom. For an additional fee, I am delighted to work with clients face to face in a quiet, stylish central Bristol or London location.


Free, no-obligation, one-hour Game Plan Call.

Three-month coaching programmes are priced according to your needs, frequency of sessions, and coaching goals. Fees typically begin at £1,897 for large corporates and £1,197 for individuals and small businesses.