Menopause Coaching

“By the time of menopause you might be twenty or thirty years into a career. You’ve seen everything. You know everything… You have real value. You ARE worth it.”

– Davina McCall

The challenge of navigating the menopause journey is complex. If you’re reading this page, you’re likely to be finding it pretty tough right now. In which case, I’m so sorry – and I’m delighted you are actively looking for the support you deserve.

Hypnotherapy for stress

The menopause transition can challenge us deeply both physically and emotionally. It can cause us to question our identity and life-path, and trigger feelings of loss and grief. Often it can feel overwhelming and debilitating.

As an experienced leadership coach, I can help you get back to feeling like yourself at work and at home. This might include helping you to:

  • rethink your boundaries and learn to say “no” beautifully;
  • secure appropriate support in the workplace; and
  • shape new habits of self-care to give you the capacity to breathe and think clearly once more.

I am also an award-winning clinical hypnotherapist, with over ten years of experience in helping women to ease anxiety and stress, tearfulness, anger and hot flushes, and build confidence, improve sleep, and enjoy life once more.

You may like to see me in my role as a therapist, or perhaps you would value coaching to support you to navigate this stage so that you can stay true to yourself and continue strong in your career.

Life and work can feel easier. You have wondrous adventures yet to enjoy. I know you can THRIVE again.

It’d be an honour to support you to make this your reality.

“I sought Amy’s coaching during perimenopause. I had a series of close bereavements and had been wanting to change up my career. The result of these factors and trying to balance family life with 3 children was a sudden loss of confidence and anxiety I hadn’t experienced before and was struggling to shift. I was beginning to feel anxious even around close friends. Amy’s sensitive and uplifting coaching shed light on my anxiety and helped me stay grounded in my nervous system with clear reasons for why I had not been coping. Over just a few sessions I was able to feel more balanced, able to cope and to see that I wasn’t going mad. I highly recommend her coaching and hypnotherapy.”


“Making my first appointment with Amy was a huge turning point for me, I knew I was finally taking a step in the right direction.  Dealing with ups and downs of a busy homelife and managing anxieties of a child, I’d put myself to the bottom of the pile and was really struggling to cope.  Throw in peri-menopausal symptoms, waking up tired, emotional and full of anxiety and dread of what the day ahead would bring, I felt like I was swimming against a strong current all by myself. Once I put help in place for my child, I realised I needed do the same for myself to ensure I could give the best to my family. 

I’m still at the beginning of my journey with Amy, but it has been hugely positive, a dark cloud has been lifted and I can face most things that the day throws at me.  Armed with breathing exercises, a relaxation track or a follow up email with helpful advice means I’m able to continue the positive work until my next session.”


How can I help you today?

Call or text me direct on 07557 911 606 or email

Alternatively fill in a contact form here or book a free Game Plan Call here.

I see clients online, usually via Zoom. For an additional fee, I am delighted to work with clients face to face in a quiet, stylish central Bristol or London location.


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Three-month coaching programmes are priced according to your needs, frequency of sessions, and coaching goals. Fees typically begin at £1,897 for large corporates and £1,197 for individuals and small businesses.