Hypnosis for Anxiety

We all feel anxious at times.

Anxiety is a natural response to those moments when we feel under threat. It’s okay and entirely normal to feel afraid, tearful, angry, or on edge. Our brain is actually working to keep us safe in these moments: flooding us with the stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol to help us run faster, think quickly, and get out of danger.

Sometimes this means we start to avoid situations we are anxious about to help us feel better able to cope with life in general.

Ease anxiety with hypnotherapy

This can feel like a good strategy in the moment, but can mean our experience of life and its richness of possibilities starts to shrink. Social anxiety means we can become acutely anxious about going out, enjoying connecting with friends and family, contributing in meetings, talking to colleagues, or meeting anyone new. The world can feel a very scary place. 

Whilst often the anxiety is a passing experience, changing with the demands on us; for many of us, it can form the back drop of our days. Anxiety can become a constant presence, leaving us feeling persistently on edge, even when we can’t identify a specific cause. We might well become anxious about being anxious. The anxious feelings might arise from seemingly nowhere; and they can often feel far more extreme than the situation warrants. It’s exhausting feeling so on edge and fearful: anxiety can seriously affect our capacity to live a full and meaningful life.  This is where hypnosis for anxiety can help.

hynosis for anxiety

How hypnotherapy for anxiety can help

Do reach out if this is your experience currently. Hypnotherapy can help ease anxiety and associated symptoms. A clinical review of hypnosis by the British Medical Journal confirmed hypnosis can reduce anxiety, concurring with an earlier finding of the British Medical Association that hypnotherapy may be a ‘treatment of choice’ in dealing with anxiety and stress-related disorders.

Together, we will work to build your understanding of why anxiety can occur, and what we can do to ease it. Through hypnosis for anxiety I will help you build your capacity to think more positively and reframe perceived threats, so that they start to impact you less forcefully; ultimately aiming to remove them as a ‘trigger’ for your anxiety. 

Using proven relaxation and visualisation techniques, I’ll support you to reduce your anxiety about certain situations, helping you start to feel you have agency over how you feel and respond. I will help you to connect to your strengths and build your self-belief and trust in your ability to achieve all that you want to achieve. Hypnosis will reinforce our work gently but powerfully, helping to increase your capacity to feel more relaxed and positive – more confident and in control.

Do get in touch and book a free initial consultation with me when you are ready to explore how hypnotherapy can help you ease anxiety and start to feel more calm, confident and able to live the life you wish for.

“I now feel empowered and confident to approach situations that would have previously created a lot of stress and anxiety.”

I am so grateful for the time that I have with Amy, she has helped me to navigate an extremely difficult return to work after maternity leave and be able to understand my strengths, feel confident, and seek opportunities where previously I had only seen threats. I now feel empowered and confident to approach situations that would have previously created a lot of stress and anxiety. I feel that I’m growing and developing my strengths, career and skills at a faster rate than ever before.

The most valuable outcome of working with Amy is the transformation of relationships in my personal life. This has had a hugely positive impact on my life, it has been incredible. I wish I had met Amy years ago!


"Since seeing Amy my life has changed, everything seems so much clearer and lighter"

Since seeing Amy my life has changed, everything seems so much clearer and lighter. I never knew I had so much control over my mood and how I reacted to situations, I genuinely feel like a different person. Something that would have made me a stressed and anxious mess 2 months now excites me and I look forward to the challenge. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!! 

Accounts Assistant, Bristol

"Transformative and a great pleasure to work with!"

Amy is a blast of wisdom, insight and inspiration in a frenzied world.  She’s helped me to calm the chaos and anxiety and rediscover what matters when the dust settles.   Her practical, positive and effective strategies have set me on the path to a less stressed, more meaningful and altogether more joyful life. Transformative and a great pleasure to work with!

Lawyer, Bristol

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Amy Armstrong – award-winning Leadership and Wellbeing coach and clinical hypnotherapist


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