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Is a phobia limiting your life?

A phobia is an irrational fear of something, triggering an extreme physical response – often rapid, shallow breathing, and feeling hot, sick, or dizzy. If you are unlucky enough to have a phobia, you know that you will do anything to avoid the thing you are afraid of. Your ‘flight’ automatic stress response will be at full throttle.

Phobias are really quite common, with an estimated 11% of us suffering from these terrible fears. Clients come to me for help when the quality of their life is starting to be seriously affected, or they are worried they will pass their fears on to their children (as can happen). I have seen people for all manner of phobias, including, but not limited to, fear of flying, public speaking, spiders, wasps, dogs, having your blood pressure taken, and needles.

Ease anxiety with hypnotherapy

How can hypnotherapy help?

Phobias are a learned behaviour pattern and fear learning is well understood. Rational conversation, or trying to talk someone out of a phobic response sadly does not work. Indeed, if we do this, it’s likely the person with the phobia will simply feel isolated and not understood. 

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Instead, I follow Dr David Muss’ Rewind approach, which is an evidence-based methodology, for the relief of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This allows the traumatic sensory memory to be converted to a narrative memory and put into proper perspective by the client – just what should have come naturally to them, but didn’t in this instance for whatever reason.  

Happily, this approach does not require a client to talk through with me the detail of their experience and key traumatic memories of the phobia, which could well cause distress – rather it may help them achieve “closure without disclosure.” 

Needle phobias

A phobia encourages the sufferer to avoid any situations where they might experience the trauma of a phobic response. For those people suffering from an acute fear of needles, there is the serious associated risk of sufferers often delaying or avoiding medical check-ups, blood-tests and vaccinations.

For the one in ten of us estimated to suffer from a needle phobia, the vaccinations for COVID-19 are likely to be of significant concern. Unlike other phobias, 50% of people suffering from a needle phobia have a vasovagal response to certain needle-associated triggers, causing a drop in heart rate and blood pressure, leading them to faint. If this is a problem for you, it is likely you have someone in your family who also experiences it – research suggests it is genetic. As your hypnotherapist, I can work with you to help ease any fear you have of fainting or of needles; however it is for your Doctor or nurse to help with any fainting response and to discuss with you whether or not to have an injection or medical procedure.

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Please note that hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and is not intended as an alternative to seeing your doctor about health issues. Always consult your doctor before having any complementary therapy, including hypnotherapy.  Results may vary.

If you’d value support to ease a needle or other phobia, please book yourself a free initial consultation to explore how I may be able to help you using the research-based, Muss Rewind approach. For a simple phobia, the technique normally only takes two or three sessions. It’d be a pleasure to meet with you and discuss your specific situation. 

Don’t let your needle phobia stop you from being vaccinated – even if money is a challenge.

For those of you suffering from a needle phobia and significant financial difficulties, please enquire whether I have space to see you on a pro bono or pay-what-you-can basis. I am offering several spaces in this way currently, to support the NHS’ brilliant efforts to get everyone the COVID-19 vaccination they are eligible for, need and deserve.

Hypnotherapy and PTSD

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can have a debilitating effect on a sufferer’s life. It might be that you have PTSD if you are experiencing recurrent and intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, distressing dreams or anxiety about a traumatic incident. There is a treatment which may help. 

The Rewind Technique for Trauma is an internationally recognised treatment developed by Dr David Muss. It has been described as “indispensable to treat PTSD”.

For simple trauma, the treatment normally requires only two or three sessions.  It does not involve discussion of the details of the traumatic incident and therefore is suitable for medical professionals, policemen and women, service personnel and anyone who is concerned that talking about the experience might cause increased anxiety. For this reason, it has been described as offering “closure without disclosure.” 

Research over the past decade has shown that the treatment has a high success rate with results which are enduring. It works for both simple and multiple traumas, offering a way of stopping involuntary recall of the traumatic event. Voluntary recall remains though: the individual is back in control.  The technique is a development of an approach devised by Bandler (1985) for the rapid relief of phobias. 

I have been trained by Dr David Muss and am delighted to be able to offer this important service to men, women and children suffering from PTSD. If you would like to discuss how the Muss Rewind may be able to help you, please book a free initial consultation.

Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy and is not intended as an alternative to seeing your doctor about health issues. Always consult your doctor before having any complementary therapy, including hypnotherapy. Results may vary.

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