Hypnosis for Sleep

Lack of sleep can be really hard to deal with, particularly if it’s a persistent problem.

We can feel exhausted, unable to think straight, anxious, irritable, or tearful. Getting insufficient rest means we’re more likely to get stuck in looping negative thoughts, make poor decisions, struggle with self control, and feel isolated and withdrawn.

25% of us wake in the middle of the night, sleep experts estimate; with even more struggling to get to sleep in the first place.

hypnotherapy for sleep

It can be a vicious circle, with stress and anxiety causing the poor sleep; and lack of sleep, in turn negatively impacting our mental health.  Hypnotherapy for sleep can be a powerful tool to help you.

Sleep is so integral to our wellbeing, that one often cited study by the University of Michigan, estimates that the value of gaining an extra hour of sleep every night has more of a positive impact on a person’s overall wellbeing and happiness than a £50,000 increase in income!

Improve sleep with hypnotherapy

How Hypnotherapy for sleep can help

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can play a valuable role in the holistic treatment of disturbed sleep. Our focus will be tailored to your personal circumstances and experiences. I will share with you the science of why sleep can be so elusive, and what we can do to help ourselves, building on your existing knowledge and understanding. 

We will work together to ease your anxiety around sleep, whilst also helping you reduce your stresses and concerns across your life. I will support you to build your capacity to relax and be calm at night and during the day. This holistic focus will help you improve the quality of your sleep, perhaps helping you drift off more easily when you switch off the light, or reducing any wakefulness you might be experiencing during the night. To support this, I will invite you to listen to my relaxation MP3 track each night during the time we work together, and during any stressful periods in the future.

If you are interested to explore more about how hypnotherapy for sleep could help you enjoy a good night’s rest, please do email me at amy@amyarmstrongcoaching.com, or book yourself a free initial consultation by clicking here.

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Amy Armstrong – award-winning Leadership and Wellbeing coach and clinical hypnotherapist


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