Hypnotherapy for Stress

Stress is experienced by most of us multiple times in any given week.

It is our brain’s natural response to challenging circumstances – priming us to be able to respond quickly and effectively with our instinctive fight or flight stress response.  Interestingly, our capacity for stress is very personal.  For one person, an opportunity at work, such as a presentation, might offer them a challenge that excites and motivates them; whereas another person on the same team could find the same task, incredibly stressful and difficult to manage.
Hypnotherapy for stress

Stress can be good (eustress), motivating us to the find the focus we need to knuckle down and meet a high-stakes deadline, for instance; or giving us a sudden burst of adrenaline and alertness needed to dodge an oncoming car. 

At other times though, stress can feel debilitating, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and perhaps struggling with tension headaches, asthma, eczema, reflux, weight gain, high blood pressure, or disturbed sleep, for instance. 

In 2018/19, over 600,000 workers in the UK took time off work as a result of work-related stress, anxiety and depression, mainly because of high workloads, tight deadlines, and too much pressure or responsibility.

Stress is usually in response to a specific event, and we feel better once it has passed. There are times though when the stressful events pile up, and chronic stress ensues. We can really suffer. Unfortunately, some of the most significant and potentially happy moments in our lives, can prove to be the most stressful – such as weddings, moving house, getting a new job.  Hypnotherapy for stress can be a powerful tool in difficult situations.

hypnotherapy for stress

How Hypnotherapy for stress can help

Hypnotherapy for stress relief has been shown to be highly effective in helping reduce symptoms. Using hypnosis, relaxation and breathing techniques, I will help you learn how to reduce the physical and mental tension you are experiencing. We will work together to train your brain to start to think more clearly, make good decisions, put things in perspective, and identify a manageable way forward. You will learn how to build and sustain your energy, and start to enjoy good quality sleep once more. Drawing on my deep business and coaching experience, I can support you to improve your confidence and productivity too. 

Together we can address any procrastination or other self-defeating habits you might wrestle with, and address any other causes of your stress if helpful, including presentation and leadership skills.

Stress management comprises a range of wonderful skills and resources which can support you for life.

Do get in touch and book a free hypnotherapy for stress initial consultation with me when you are ready to start to reduce your stress, and feel more calm, confident and back in control.

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Amy Armstrong – award-winning Leadership and Wellbeing coach and clinical hypnotherapist


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12 Ways to Calm Your Mind and Ease Your Stress

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