Hypnotherapy for young people

Can hypnotherapy help my teenager?

Yes, as a mum of three teenagers, and with over a decade teaching hundreds of students at Cardiff Business School, I am passionate about helping teenagers and students to get back to the happy, secure place they all deserve to enjoy in life. Young people can respond very well to hypnotherapy, provided they recognise there is something they want to change, such as lack of confidence or exam nerves. It is their desire to address an issue – rather than their parents’ hopes and wishes – which is critical to their success.

Hypnotherapy for children and young people

Generally, I work only with children aged 11 and upwards. Our brain changes dramatically during puberty, and consequently sessions for sixth formers are different to those who are only just starting secondary school.

My core approach for hypnotherapy for young people is one of solution-focus, helping them to connect to their individual strengths, develop their confidence and self-belief, and grow their resilience. 

hypnotherapy for children

All of my sessions are bespoke, designed around the specific needs and interests of the individual young person. I will partner with them to explore what interests and delights them; sharing with them proven relaxation techniques and developing their understanding of why they can feel as they do, and what helps them feel better. Whilst listening to a relaxation/hypnosis track at home can be very beneficial for a young person, I will only include hypnosis in a session if they are comfortable with it. 

Up until the age of sixteen, I will ask for a parent or carer to be present. Sixth formers too are very welcome to be accompanied by a parent or carer if this is their preference and it will help make the sessions feel more safe, comfortable, and possible for them.

Whilst I offer all clients the option of seeing me online, I tend to find young people prefer face to face sessions.

Usually before the first session, I invite the main carer to see me for an initial consultation separately to their young person if they are sixteen or younger, so that we can speak freely about their concerns.

As parents we often overlook how influential we are on our children, and we can all too easily forget to look after our own needs when we are worried about them.  It might be that we decide that we should work together for a short time too.

How can I help you today?

Call or text me direct on 07557 911 606 or email amy@amyarmstrongcoaching.com.

Alternatively fill in a contact form here or book a free initial consultation here.

I see clients online, usually via Zoom or the phone.

For face to face sessions, I run a busy clinic at The Family Practice, 116 Gloucester Road, Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NL.

I can help with:


Low confidence and self-esteem


Exam performance


Public speaking


Weight management

Amy Armstrong – award-winning Leadership and Wellbeing coach and clinical hypnotherapist


Free, no-obligation, one-hour initial consultation online, including a relaxation MP3 track.

£68 per session or £325 for a block of five sessions with subsequent sessions charged at the pro rata discounted rate.

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