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Perform under pressure with calm, clarity and confidence  


I specialise in supporting current and emerging leaders to develop their leadership skills and overcome stress, overwhelm and self-doubt, in order to perform under pressure with calm, clarity and confidence.

I offer three-month programmes of leadership and wellbeing coaching, working with you one-to-one in your office, or via Skype or phone. Alternatively, if a clinical hypnotherapy is more appropriate, I’ll invite you to see me in my private practice in Bristol or via Skype for weekly sessions.

For group training and inspiration, I work with businesses, universities and associations to deliver workshops, skills programmes, and keynotes.

Leadership and Wellbeing Coaching  

Calm strength. Enhanced skills. Measurable results.

What will it take for you to step into your brilliance as a leader? Enhanced skills? A shift in mindset? Clarity of vision? Strength of decision making? Coaching can be a catalyst for profound change.

Solution-Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy

Breathe.  Be calm.  Be well.

Life is short and beautiful: you can do this differently.  Learn how to calm your thoughts, anxieties, and fears; and change those instinctive responses and behaviours which aren’t serving you well.  Let’s work together to help you make the positive changes you seek and get back on track to live the life and build the career you truly deserve.

Workshops and Training

Insight. Experience. Learning. Light up with possibilities.

Are you looking for a lively, engaging workshop for your Inspirational Speakers series, a team awayday, or professional association?  Or do you want to teach your students stress management, at the same time as building their project planning, presentation or teamwork skills?

“I would thoroughly recommend Amy”

My work as a CEO is very challenging at the best of times. I started seeing Amy when the juggle of my demanding job with a very busy home life started to affect all aspects of my life and I was finding it extremely difficult to focus and identify a way forward at home or at work. Working with Amy worked amazingly. Within a few sessions I had started to sleep through the night again and learnt how to relax. This had an incredible affect and things which previously felt like a major chore once again became a challenge to be overcome or a problem to be solved. I would thoroughly recommend Amy.

CEO and mum of two

12 ways to Calm your Mind and Ease your Stress

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