Inspirational Workshops and Training

Inspirational Workshops and Training

I love to run workshops to teach and inspire professionals with knowledge and skills to help navigate the inevitable stresses and strains of the workplace.  I’ve worked with small businesses, incubators, accelerators, corporate networks, professional organisations, charities, universities and Meet Ups.  Since 2012, I’ve run workshops with with Cardiff Business School, helping prepare undergraduates and post-graduates for top-class performance in the workplace. 

In addition to the above, once or twice a year I offer supported online courses to explore further and embed core skills to help us think well, live well, and lead well.

I design all my workshops to be lively and engaging.  I aim to wake up, engage, and inspire whomever I’m working with. Delegates’ favourite topics include:

  • The neuroscience of stress and success
  • Learn how to master the imposter syndrome and silence your inner critic
  • Build your impact, presence and authority
  • Handle conflict with grace and skill
  • Line manage and hold your team to account

“Fantastic. One of the best talks of the day.”

“I attended your course today on stress and just wanted to feedback that it was incredibly insightful and helpful.” 

“You taught me some really good ways to deal with overwhelm in this high-pressure environment. The quiz was also very insightful!”

Amy is very engaging. Excellent at presenting.”

“Very motivational and helpful”

“I enjoyed Amy’s energy and infectious enthusiasm”

For universities seeking to build the employability skills of their students, highly effective workshops and modules which consistently achieve satisfaction rates of 85% and above include:

  • Preparing for work-placement
  • Experiential Learning and Reflective Practice
  • Professional presentation skills
  • Project planning
  • Stress management
  • Effective teamwork
  • Impact and presence in meetings
  • Giving and receiving feedback with skill

Amy Armstrong workshops

“Amy is an amazing teacher. I found her so inspiring.”

Amy Armstrong is an amazing teacher. I found her so inspiring and am sure I will remember the positive effect she has had on my life forever. She is very professional, enthusiastic, understanding and a great listener. I loved how hands-on it was, with small amounts of relevant theory interspersed along the way. The best part for me was all the ‘life tips’ – useful techniques we will actually use in later life.

Business Management graduate, Cardiff Business School

If you’d like to discuss how I could inspire and develop the skills of your colleagues, association or students, please drop me an email or book a discovery call.

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